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Unlock Your Creative Potential with our Graphic Design Advanced & Practical Course in Amravati! Learn 100% Practical Skills in Graphics Design and Reels Making to Kickstart Your Professional Online Journey. Join Niksh Digital Marketing & Training Institute – Leading the Way Since 2016. Affordable Fees, Agency-Style Learning, and Internship Opportunities Await. Contact Us Today to Learn More!

Graphic design course in amravati
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100% Practical Classroom Training

100% Practical Classroom Training

8 years + Experience in Industry

8 years + Experience in Industry

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Agency Style Learning on Live Projects

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Online Business Startup consultancy

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100% Internship Provided

Lifetime Support even after completion of course

Lifetime assistance, beyond course completion

100% Practical And Job-Oriented
Graphic Design Course Amravati

Are you interested in learning graphic design and reel making? Our practical, classroom-based course is perfect for beginners in Amravati. At Niksh Digital Marketing & Training Institute, we’ve been a forerunner and one of the best institutes for graphics design courses since 2016. Our affordable fees and agency-style learning, complete with internship opportunities, make us the ideal choice for anyone looking to master these skills. Contact us today to learn more.

Course Highlights

  • This course introduces concepts of graphic design.
  • Helps you understand how to use fonts, layout, color, and images.
  • You will also get specific instructions on how to create geometric designs for projects.
  • The goal of this course is to inspire a design style with all major aspects of graphic design. By the end of this course, you will be prepared in case you find yourself needing to sell any visual products through your website or social media channels.
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Why Choose Graphic Design As a Career?


Gain experience. Once you have a degree, you can start gaining experience by working as an intern or freelancer. This will give you the opportunity to work on real-world projects and build your portfolio.



There are many resources available to help you learn these basics, including online courses, books, and tutorials.

massive growth

Massive Growth

The graphic design industry is a dynamic and ever-changing field. However, there is no doubt that there is a strong demand for skilled graphic designers. If you are creative and have a passion for design, then a career in graphic design could be a great fit for you.



The growth of graphic design is being driven by a number of factors, including the increasing importance of visual communication, the rise of digital media, and the growing demand for creative professionals.

Start Your Own Business
Or Grow Existing One

Build a strong portfolio. Your portfolio is your calling card, so it's important to put your best work forward. Make sure your portfolio is well-organized and easy to navigate, and that it showcases your skills and creativity.



Start with the basics. Before you can start designing anything, you need to understand the basics of graphic design. This includes things like typography, color theory, and composition. There are many resources available online and in libraries to help you learn these basics.

Interesting Stats About Graphic Design

In the dynamic world of graphic design, fascinating statistics reveal the industry’s significance. Did you know that in 2021, the global graphic design market was valued at over $27 billion, and it’s projected to continue its growth? Moreover, surveys indicate that 48% of consumers believe that a brand’s design directly influences their purchasing decisions. These intriguing statistics emphasize the impact and demand of graphic design in today’s visual-driven marketplace.

Scope in Graphic Design

The scope for graphic design professionals is not only thriving but also remarkably diverse. As the digital revolution continues to gain momentum, graphic designers find themselves in high demand across various industries. From web design and marketing to video game development and film production, graphic designers play a pivotal role in creating engaging visuals. Moreover, the rise of e-commerce and the omnipresence of social media have opened up exciting opportunities for designers, whether they choose to work independently or collaborate within creative agencies. As businesses increasingly recognize the value of strong visual branding, the scope for graphic design professionals not only remains robust but continues to expand, offering a world of creative possibilities.

Interesting Stats About Graphic Design

Job Opportunities in Graphic design Industry

Candidates who are certified under NikshDigital can get
placed in the following Job profiles :

To excel in graphic design, follow these steps: 1) Get a quality education from accredited programs at the associate or bachelor’s level. 2) Develop an impressive portfolio showcasing your skills. 3) Connect with fellow designers and industry professionals to stay updated on trends and job prospects.

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Training on Live Projects

Job Assistance For Faster Hiring

Get internships for Experience

You Can Start a Business| After Completing the Graphic Design Course

Candidates who are certified under NikshDigital can get placed in the following Job profiles :

graphic design course

100% Internship Guarantee Online | Offline In Digital Marketing Agency

graphic design course

Launch Your Graphic Design & Reel-Making Career with Canva Pro, VN App, and CapCut.

We are the best provider of Reels Making. This course is inspired by industrial experience and gives you the skills to make a reel on your own, which is an ideal replacement for machines. Our Reel making course is completely practical, with no theoretical academic knowledge required.

The Instagram Reels Making Course is the best way to learn all about making your own Instagram Reels. No theory, no doubt, and no worries. You’ll learn how to create your own reel with ease, and then go on to work on the projects in our online Life Coaching Program. This course is made for the absolute beginner who wants to start an online business in the shortest amount of time possible.

Benefits of Learning at Niksh Digital Institute

Experienced Mentors

Portfolio Assistance

Portfolio Assistance

Regular Workshops

Regular Workshops

Anytime Doubt Clarification

Connect With Industry Leaders

flexible batch timing

Flexible Batch TIme

We will Teach you to enhance your Designing skills

"Graphics Design Course Syllabus"

Graphic design course in amravati

Why Choose Niksh Digital Institute?

Live Case Studies

Incorporating real-life case studies, Niksh Digital teaches digital marketing through agency-style learning, providing a comprehensive understanding of core concepts. Learn by example, master techniques. Concise, effective case studies and detailed Teaching Notes enable knowledge application across industries and perspectives.

100% Placement Assistance

We, at Niksh Digital, are committed to nurturing your career even after you graduate with flying colors! Our comprehensive approach includes Digital Scholar's unparalleled 100% placement assistance, accompanied by intensive soft skills training. By choosing us, you open the door to a multitude of job opportunities across the industry's foremost companies

Guaranteed Internship in Agency

At Niksh Digital, we ensure an exclusive agency-style journey for you by offering internship possibilities with digital agencies. What could be more authentic than immersing yourself in agency life, gaining valuable experience, and earning a rewarding income upon task completion?

21+ Advanced Modules

Niksh Digital offers a unique perspective on digital marketing, emphasizing exceptional value. Our 14 modules empower students with specialized knowledge, delving into core aspects and providing immersive learning. Embark on a journey to success!

Qualified Faculty Of Practitioners

Our faculty roster, led by Niksh Digital, consists of cutting-edge digital marketers who possess an innate sense of the latest trends in the field. As a Niksh Digital, you will have the privilege of being mentored by industry experts who actively implement their methods on a daily basis.

Study Under The Guidance Of Shashi sir

Every Niksh Digital gets to explore their potential under the mentorship of our Founder Shashi sir who is one of Mahrashtra's top Digital Marketing Influencers. Get expert guidance from one of the best minds in the business!

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Niksh Digital Institute

Niksh Digital Institute-Digital Marketing(earlier known as Institute of Digital Marketing) is one of the oldest & best online digital marketing training institutes in Amravati. We have been running operations for the last 8+ years.

Ad budget Allocation

To enable students to learn through hands-on experience, Niiksh Digital allocates a specific budget for each student to utilize for FB Ads. Students are free to explore their potential with FB Ads as they see fit!

Experience Before Commitment

No need to pay the fees first, you can first 2 days attend the demo Class to see the learning process and then make your decision the way you want.

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