Website Designing Advanced & Practical Course in Amravati (WordPress)

Website Designing (WordPress) Advanced & Practical Course in Amravati

Enroll in our The Website Designing 45 Days Course is the best way to become a web designer. Enroll For 100% OFFLINE for advanced and practical training. Gain the skills you need to succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape. Start building your career in digital marketing with Niksh Digital Institute today!

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100% Practical Classroom Training

100% Practical Classroom Training

8 years + Experience in Industry

8 years + Experience in Industry

Agency Style Learning on Live Projects image

Agency Style Learning on Live Projects

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Online Business Startup consultancy

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100% Internship Provided

Lifetime Support even after completion of course

Lifetime assistance, beyond course completion

Learn Website Design Without Any Coding Language Our Amravati City Start Your Professional Online Journey.

After completing the course you can build – Informative Website, Ecommerce Website, News Portal Website, Blog Website, and Bussines Website.
In this course, you will learn how to book a domain & hosting and how to connect the domain to hosting to understand the WordPress dashboard.

Your next big step is to understand this vast new domain & where you fit in.

High-Quality  Institute of Website Design offers a comprehensive selection of Website Design courses in Amravati with a practical Website Design Class for beginners at Affordable fees. As a Forerunner and one of the agency-style learning institutes for Professional Website Design Course in Amravati since 2014 – Niksh Digital Marketing & Training Institute in Amravati offers you the most advanced and effective Website Design Course with Agency Style Learning and Internship.

Web design is used to achieve various tasks and goals, including:

  • Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method for improving the chances for a website to be found by search engines.
  • Customer satisfaction: A professional web design impacts clients’ satisfaction positively as it provides them with the information they are looking for quickly.
  • Mobile responsiveness is the feature of a website that allows it to display on a mobile device and adapt its layout and proportions to be legible. Web design ensures sites are easy to view and navigate from mobile devices.
  • Improved sales: Increasing the number of items sold or acquiring more active customers are objectives of a compelling website.
  • User experience optimization: Web designers run reports to understand the way people are interacting with a website all over the world. They determine which pages have more or less traffic and adapt the web design to optimize the user experience.
  • Conversion: Conversion happens when a visitor completes a desired action on the website. Attractive web design encourages visitors to stay long enough to be converted into consumers.
  • Technical efficiency: This term refers to how productive a website can be in making a comfortable experience on a website. 

(2023) Updated WordPress Course Content

Foundations Of A WordPress Based Website
  • Understanding and Using domain names
  • WordPress Hosting Options
  • Installing WordPress on a Hosting Server
  • Directory Permissions Understanding
Website Structuring
  • What is a Website?-
  • Understanding website
  • How to Connect Domain To Hosting
  • How To Install WordPress On Hosting Pannel – Cpannel
  • Domain Extensions
  • Creat Sub Domain For Website Practice
Basics Of The WordPress User Interface
  • Understanding the WordPress
  • Dashboard
    Pages, Tags, Media, and Content
  • Administration
  • WordPress Settings
Finding And Using WordPress Plugins
  • Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
  • Upgrading WordPress Plugins
  • Recommended WordPress Plugins
  • Wich Page Editor Is Best For Your  Website 
Working With WordPress Themes
  • Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
  • Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
  • Installing and Configuring Themes
  • Editing and Customizing Themes
  • Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
  • Best Theme For Practices
Website Creation Using WordPress
  • Web Page Creation
  • WordPress Themes, Widget
  • Creat Mobile Responsive
  • Plugins
  • Contact Forms, Sliders etc
WordPress Based Sites
  • WordPress as a Blog Vs WordPress as a Website
  • As a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Beyond blogging: Other Uses for WordPress
Blog Writing
  • Blogs Vs Website
  • How to write blogs for the website
  • Headline Anylizer for post 
  • How to select topics for blog writing
  • AI tools for Blog writing
Website Step-by-Step Guide
  • A Checklist for WordPress SEO
  • Using SEO Plugins and SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes
  • Google Search Console
  • Writing and Linking for SEO
  • Avoiding Black Hat SEO tactics that will get you into trouble with Google
  • How To Connect Site To Google 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Bot, Crawler, Spider
  • Indexing Process
  • Ingredients of SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Importance of NAP in Local SEO
  • Techniques of SEO
  • Introduction to Link Building
  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Importance of Anchor Text
  • How to Create backlinks
  • Types of Backlinks Sites
  • Introduction to SEO Plugins
Ecommerce SEO
  • Introduction to E-commerce SEO
  • What is e-commerce SEO?
  • How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic
WordPress Content Managment
  • Understanding Posts Versus Pages
  • Organizing Posts with Categories
  • Connecting Posts Together with Tags
  • Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Managing Lists of Links

Benefits of Learning at Niksh Digital Institute

Experienced Mentors

Portfolio Assistance

Portfolio Assistance

Regular Workshops

Regular Workshops

Anytime Doubt Clarification

Connect With Industry Leaders

flexible batch timing

Flexible Batch TIme

"(2023) Updated WordPress Course Content Course Syllabus"

Why Choose Niksh Digital Institute?

Live Case Studies

Incorporating real-life case studies, Niksh Digital teaches digital marketing through agency-style learning, providing a comprehensive understanding of core concepts. Learn by example, master techniques. Concise, effective case studies and detailed Teaching Notes enable knowledge application across industries and perspectives.

100% Placement Assistance

We, at Niksh Digital, are committed to nurturing your career even after you graduate with flying colors! Our comprehensive approach includes Digital Scholar's unparalleled 100% placement assistance, accompanied by intensive soft skills training. By choosing us, you open the door to a multitude of job opportunities across the industry's foremost companies

Guaranteed Internship in Agency

At Niksh Digital, we ensure an exclusive agency-style journey for you by offering internship possibilities with digital agencies. What could be more authentic than immersing yourself in agency life, gaining valuable experience, and earning a rewarding income upon task completion?

21+ Advanced Modules

Niksh Digital offers a unique perspective on digital marketing, emphasizing exceptional value. Our 14 modules empower students with specialized knowledge, delving into core aspects and providing immersive learning. Embark on a journey to success!

Qualified Faculty Of Practitioners

Our faculty roster, led by Niksh Digital, consists of cutting-edge digital marketers who possess an innate sense of the latest trends in the field. As a Niksh Digital, you will have the privilege of being mentored by industry experts who actively implement their methods on a daily basis.

Study Under The Guidance Of Shashi sir

Every Niksh Digital gets to explore their potential under the mentorship of our Founder Shashi sir who is one of Mahrashtra's top Digital Marketing Influencers. Get expert guidance from one of the best minds in the business!

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Niksh Digital Institute

Niksh Digital Institute-Digital Marketing(earlier known as Institute of Digital Marketing) is one of the oldest & best online digital marketing training institutes in Amravati. We have been running operations for the last 8+ years.

Ad budget Allocation

To enable students to learn through hands-on experience, Niiksh Digital allocates a specific budget for each student to utilize for FB Ads. Students are free to explore their potential with FB Ads as they see fit!

Experience Before Commitment

No need to pay the fees first, you can first 2 days attend the demo Class to see the learning process and then make your decision the way you want.

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